Straightening your hair can be achieved with a wide variety of different methods. However, the Japanese Straightening Downtown Toronto straightening treatment is one of the best on the market today. If you’re interested in transforming your hair from curly or wavy to sleek, healthy and shiny, call SEEFU Hair today. Our team of internationally trained stylists specialize in permanent hair straightening and help you achieve the style of your dreams.

what is japanese Straightening in downtown toronto?

Japanese hair straightening is a permanent hair straightening method, also known as a thermal reconditioning process. It is an effective treatment method use to straighten each strand of your hair. The technique is a prevalent method used by salons to change wavy and curly hair into straight hair.

This method of straightening hair originated in Japan in the 1990s and has taken the world by storm ever since. It promises to turn wavy, coarse, or curly hair into pin-straight locks by treating the hair with chemicals that break and disrupt the protein bonds which give hair its shape. This process is also known as “thermal reconditioning.” After applying the solution, the hair is then blow-dried and flat-ironed to straighten the hair. With the bond still disrupted, a neutralizer will be added to keep the hair permanently straight.

japanese straightening downtown toronto

What is the Japanese Straightening Process?

Japanese Straightening Downtown Toronto relies on a special solution that is applied to their hair. This solution breaks down the bonds that give hair shape, allowing it to become pin-straight when the flat-iron is used. Your hair is first saturated with the solution, rinsed, dried with a blow dryer, then flat ironed in small sections. Once complete, a neutralizer is then applied, locking the style in place. 

The Japanese Straightening treatment process consists of six steps: the consultation, shampoo, application of the solution, ironing, application of the neutralizer, and blow-drying. It is important to inform your stylist of your history with relaxers or hair colouring before beginning the straightening treatment process. Providing as much detail as possible is always best to ensure you relieve the best results. Our professional Japanese Straightening stylists help determine if you’re a good candidate for thermal reconditioning or suggest another alternative.

The Japanese Straightening process takes at least 3 to 4 hours. However, it can take up to 8 hours, depending on the length, thickness, and condition of the hair being treated. The key to this method of hair straightening is the special solution that chemicals alter the bonds. This solution alters the shape of individual strands of hair, allowing for the hair to be permanently straightened. At SEEFU Hair, our team of professionally trained stylists from around the world answer all your questions and concerns about Japanese Straightening, ensuring you are informed about the best treatment and care methods available for your hair. 

Benefits of Japanese Straightening
Downtown Toronto Treatments

The Japanese Straightening process has many benefits. The most obvious being a sleek, frizz-free and low-maintenance look. However, beyond the appearance factor, the most significant benefit is likely to be the time saved each day by not dealing with high-maintenance curly or wavy hair. Hair that has been straightened by thermal conditioning is much quicker to dry. It requires very little attention out of the shower, giving you a professional look with minimal effort. Also, you are saved from the hassle of fighting frizz from humidity or physical activity.

A fresh haircut, colour or style treatment such as our Japanese Straightening treatment changes how you look and how you feel. Therefore, when you’re in search of a hair salon specializing in Japanese Straightening to rejuvenate your current style, call SEEFU Hair in Downtown Toronto today. Our team of professionally trained stylists from across Asia are versed in the latest straightening techniques to ensure you leave with a style that compliments your unique personality.

Located in YorkvilleNorth York and Chinatown, SEEFU Hair offers a luxurious experience filled with nothing but professional Japanese Straightening. We proudly offer various services such as hair cuts, dry cutting, balayage colour treatments, and styling services

  • What Hair Types Can Benefit from Japanese Straightening?

    Hair types are one factor that you must take into account when going for Japanese straightening Downtown Toronto. Almost every hair type can benefit from this permanent hair straightening method. Apart from all these, the best hair types to straighten using the Japanese hair straightening method are loose curls or wavy hair. Those with tight coils can also have a great result with the treatment, but there will be the need for touch-ups for new hair to grow from the roots. However, if you have brittle, weak, colour-treated and damaged hair, this straightening method may not be the best option.

  • How Long Does the Japanese Straightening Last?

    This style treatment can last for up to 6 months, and it’s advisable to use it for hair in sound quality. With this permanent hair straightening method, you won’t have to worry about styling your hair for a long time. While a Japanese Straightening works to straighten your curly hair, once you’ve received this treatment, the only way to restore your natural curls is to grow out your hair. 

  • Caring for Your Hair After 
Japanese Straightening

    In the following days after your Japanese Straightening Downtown Toronto treatment, you must be very careful with your hair. Do not wash or style it in a ponytail for at least three days as the work of the chemicals on your hair is still in process. The neutralizer needs to absorb oxygen from the air as your hair settles into a new shape.

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SEEFU Hair was established in the Spring of 1998 to provide high-end, premium hair cutting, dyeing and styling services to clients throughout Downtown Toronto and GTA. As we believe the success of a salon relies on its team of stylists, we provide a space for our stylists to innovate, create and grow professionally. Excellent client care, attention to detail, respect, cooperation and knowledge of advanced techniques are at the core of every interaction at our hair salons. Therefore at SEEFU Hair, we are equipped with everything needed to ensure you leave feeling and looking your absolute best.

Our mission is to revolutionize the hair salon industry by providing the best environment for clients and stylists in order to redefine the salon experience. Clients can choose between our three SEEFU Hair Salon locations in the GTA. Conveniently nestled in YorkvilleNorth York and on Spadina, each offers exceptional detailed attention from the best hair stylists in the city. 

When you are ready to rejuvenate your look with a sleek Japanese Straightening Downtown Toronto, look no further than SEEFU Hair. 

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