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In most salons, stylists typically cut hair while it is wet. While it is the most common and conventional way of cutting hair, there is a wide range of benefits to cutting hair while it is dry. SEEFU Hair is proud to be a leading and professional dry hair cut salon North York. By first drying the hair and smoothening it out how the client typically wears it, stylists gather a better understanding of your hair texture and how it falls, letting your stylist see the shape of the hair as they cut it. Therefore, you can watch your hairstyle transform into your dream style with every cut of the scissors.

At SEEFU’s dry hair cut salon North York, there are no surprises. What you see is what you get. Call SEEFU Hair today to rejuvenate your style. Our stylists are experts in dry hair cutting, and work with you to give you the hairstyle of your dreams.

dry hair cut salon north york

What Is a Dry Hair Cut?

The dry hair cut technique is used in salons around the world to provide clients with precise and light styles, suited for their everyday lives. Most salons cut your hair while it is wet after your shampoo, but before your blow out. While this is not technically wrong, it does not allow for precision and a strong understanding of your unique hairstyle and texture. Dry hair cutting occurs after both your shampoo and blow out, to discern how your hairs natural texture, curl pattern, and how it grows and moves. When hair is dry, you can see it all. You can see everything from density to damage, and all of that is important to take into account to get the best cut.

At SEEFU DRY HAIR CUT SALON north york, what you see is what you get.

What Are The Advantages To DRY HAIR CUTTING?

  • What You See Is What You Get

    Wet hair is about 50% more elastic than dry hair. As a result, cutting wet hair requires leaving the length about 1.5 inches longer than the desired end length. When cutting damp hair, it is difficult to estimate exactly how the hair will fall. Because hair shrinks when it dries, the dry haircutting lets you see precisely how their hair will fall, ensuring no surprises when your client leaves the chair. 

  • Dry Cutting Is Ideal For All Hair Textures

    Dry haircutting works for every type of hair texture. Cutting dry hair lets hairstylists see how each unique piece falls, the variation in your highlights, and where to remove bulk. When hair is wet, it’s more difficult to distinguish subtle differences in hair colour, as well as the natural style of your curl patterns. 

  • Easily Get Rid of Dry or Damaged Stands

    When your hair is wet, it tends to clump together even after being brushed through. As a result, it can be challenging to spot pesky split ends or dry and damaged areas. With dry hair cutting, your stylist can discern problem areas and trim where needed.

dry hair cut salon north york

About Seefu DRY hair CUT salon north york

SEEFU Hair was established in the Spring of 1998 to provide high-end, premium hair cutting, dyeing and styling services to clients throughout North York. As we believe the success of a salon relies on its team of stylists, we provide a space for our stylists to innovate, create and grow professionally. Excellent client care, attention to detail, respect, cooperation and knowledge of advanced techniques are at the core of every interaction at our hair salons. Therefore at SEEFU Hair, we are equipped with everything needed to ensure you leave feeling and looking your absolute best.

 At SEEFU Hair, our mission is to revolutionize the hair salon industry by providing the best environment for clients and stylists in order to redefine the salon experience. Clients can choose between our three SEEFU Dry Hair Cut Salon locations in the GTA. Conveniently nestled in YorkvilleNorth York and on Spadina, each offers exceptional detailed attention from the best hair stylists in the city. 

When you are ready to rejuvenate your style, look no further than SEEFU Dry Hair Cut Salon in North York. 

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