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Hair is a form of expression and style, and like a piece of art, your hair is a canvas. When you are looking to rejuvenate your style, brighten your look or try something new, call SEEFU Hair for vibrant blonde highlights Yorkville. Our professional stylists work with you to determine which tone of blonde best suit your natural hair colour, enhance your complexion and brighten your face. 

A fresh haircut, style or colour treatment such as our Blonde Highlights in Yorkville change not only how you look but also how you feel. Therefore, when you’re in search of a hair salon specializing in blonde highlights to rejuvenate your current style, call SEEFU Hair today. Our team of professionally trained stylists from across Asia are versed in the latest colouring techniques to ensure you leave with a style that compliments your unique personality.

Types of Blonde Highlights

You want highlights to spice up your hair but aren’t sure if you want partial or full highlights? Let our team of stylists at SEEFU Hair help you understand and answer any questions.

Partial Blonde highlights

A partial blonde highlight is a popular colouring service that uses foils or balayage to carefully place the highlights around the face and crown of the head. They add dimension to your hair and, by leaving the underside of your hair natural to give your hair a thicker, fuller appearance.

Adding partial blonde highlights to hair gives it dimension, and can be as playful as you want them to be. Just a few face-framing pieces brighten your complexion and rejuvenate your appearance without changing your overall hair colour. With partial blonde highlights at SEEFU Hair, the possibilities are endless.

Pros of Partial Blonde Highlights Yorkville: 

  • Less potential damage because it bleaches fewer strands of hair
  • Low maintenance and easy grow-out process
  • More affordable than a full head of highlights 
  • Highlights are placed in strategic spots, such as the front sections of your hair to create a sun-kissed appearance

Full Blonde highlights

Full blonde highlights involve highlighting hair in every section of your head, and may be referred to by your colourist as “a full head of highlights.” Using both foil or balayage, hair dye is placed throughout your hair to lighten your overall appearance.  

Full blonde highlights give a more dramatic effect on their hair than partial highlights. Because a lot of the base hair colour is seen through partial highlights, the results tend to be more subtle. However, full highlights can dramatically change the overall tone of the hair and help to give it the appearance of added texture. 

Pros of Full Blonde Highlights Yorkville:

  • You can go from dark to light without bleaching all of your hair
  • It can look as natural or as dramatic as you’d like

Maintenance for Blonde Highlights

You’ll want to keep your blonde highlights Yorkville vibrant for as long as possible. Keeping your brand new highlights looking healthy requires proper maintenance and up-keep. Bleaching hair is a chemical process that removes the natural pigments from your hair fibres. We have a collection of tips to combat damage to your follicles and strands of your hair and preserve the bright colours of your latest blonde highlights in Yorkville.

In the instance of partial highlights, they are much more low maintenance as the dyed hair quickly grows out and looks natural throughout your hair. As full highlights are more intense, they require retouching more frequently to maintain their appearance. However, if the colour wasn’t a huge departure from your natural shade, it may require less maintenance. 

During this time, you’ll also need a trim to maintain the health of your hair. In-between colour touch-ups, you’ll also need to keep the vibrancy and moisture of your hair by using a colour-treated shampoo and conditioner. If you want the look to last, you’ll have to visit your SEEFU stylist in Yorkville every four to six weeks, especially as your roots start to grow out.

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The Blonde Highlight Process at SEEFU Hair

At SEEFU Hair, your stylist will use the same process to dye your hair, regardless of whether you choose to have full highlights or partial highlights. The most common method uses foils and a colour-paste brush to place hair dye in the desired areas. A full blonde highlight service will typically take much longer to complete than partial highlights. This is because full highlights must be applied to more sections of the hair to create the perfect look for you.

Both partial and full blonde highlights can completely change your look. However, always remember that picture speaks a thousand words. Showing your stylist ideas of highlights that you like will help her determine if a full or partial highlight is better for your final results.

About SEEFU Hair Salon

SEEFU Hair was established in the Spring of 1998 to provide high-end, premium hair cutting, blonde highlights Yorkville and styling services to clients throughout Yorkville and GTA. As we believe the success of a salon relies on its team of stylists, we provide a space for our stylists to innovate, create and grow professionally. Excellent client care, attention to detail, respect, cooperation and knowledge of advanced techniques are at the core of every interaction at our hair salons. Therefore at SEEFU Hair, we are equipped with everything needed to ensure you leave feeling and looking your absolute best with blonde highlights Yorkville.

At SEEFU Hair, our mission is to revolutionize Toronto’s hair salon industry by providing the best environment for clients and stylists in order to redefine the salon experience. Clients can choose between our three SEEFU Hair Salon locations in The Greater Toronto Area. Conveniently nestled in YorkvilleNorth York and on Spadina, each offers exceptional detailed attention from the best hair stylists in the city.

When you are ready to rejuvenate your look with bright blonde highlights in Yorkville, look no further than SEEFU Hair. 

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